PZ Myers killed my blog

So, Christians have been pretty guilty of wrongly accusing atheists of doing bad stuff before – but the prominent atheist PZ Meyers wrote a rebuttal to yesterday’s post, linked to it, and I was flooded with angry commenters.

I’m trying to keep up with moderating the comments (most of which seem to assume I’m an American writing for an American audience).

I’m getting there – but the traffic and comments were the straw that broke the camel’s back with regards to my webhosts, so I’m currently moving.

I’ll flick the switch soon. In the meantime – try to hold off on commenting because new comments and stuff won’t come through.

See you soon.


ripeorangesound says:

Myers. Not Meyers. Also a link to wtf you’re talking about is pretty standard. Maybe read some blogs for a while then take baby steps. You’ll get the hang of it.

I’ll take my “smug” points now, kthxbai.

tjm says:

Yep, teh blog sure does look dead.

In other news: God is dead! God remains dead! And we have killed him!

p.s., Have fun playing with your superstitions.

Nathan says:

The blog was dead – for about 9 hours. I had to move hosts. Like Jesus it’s been resurrected…

Marcel Kincaid says:

Poor baby. And those bad bad atheists, daring to respond o your offensive arrogant ignorant hypocritical swipes at them.

blueshifter says:

smug atheist here. nice blog, btw – ‘curiosities’ ftw.

I’ll be coming back. :)

Sandi says:

Just wanted to respond to your call for atheists to be nice. Have you EVER had a look at the posts christians leave on the spaghetti monster website? (http://www.venganza.org/) It is shameful: full of cursing, threats of violence and death and poor spelling & grammer. Personally, I would be ashamed to be associated with the likes of those people.

Andrew says:

Nathan never associates with people who use bad spelling or grammar.

Gee Suss says:

oh wow, and here was me just replying to your advertising campaign claiming jesus had answers, by putting forward some questions, to just get all these christians asking me questions and looking for answers… kinda circular .. kinda empty, yes frustrating trying to get past the standard replies, that's probably the bit you took as smug. It's more just having to go over the saaaame stuff again and again ..

Looking forward to meeting The Great Tentacled One at the http://www.atheistconvention.org.au next year, will have to thank him for the mention!