He’s back. Thankfully he doesn’t stink too much.

The fishes are still fine and the turtles are back to their regular routines.

I realise that the weekend isn’t yet over but the opportunities to complete my task list are. So, here’s the report card I’ve written for myself.

1.     Hijack Nathan’s blog.     A

I briefly considered changing the passwords of his blog and holding them at ransom. That would have been fun – for me anyway. I’m sure some of you out there are looking forward to hearing less of me and more of Nathan. It’s been fun having some virtual friends over the weekend. Special mention goes to my sister and queenstuss for commenting. You made me feel special. 

2.     Master Greek                 E

Apparently eating Greek does not count towards learning Greek. This is a shame really, because we’re going to have some tonight. No time for Greek this weekend. I thought about it though.

3.     Finish my 1st grade violin book.              C+

Technically I didn’t finish the book but I did make some great progress. And I got a compliment. Nathan’s really looking forward to his little concert.

4.     Design an outdoor setting which I could possibly build.        B

If the emphasis was on the design I completed the task well. However, I’ve decided that we don’t have the skills, tools or space to build something even as simple as a table. There’s not much you can build with a heat gun and screwdriver. I actually found a webpage with detailed building directions but I didn’t understand 80% of the jargon so I don’t think I’m quite ready for the task.

I love writing report cards.