Robyn’s Report Timer

Just for fun I thought I’d see how many hours I’ve spent writing reports. You can read about it here.

25/10/09     17 hours and 45 minutes

27/10/09     23 hours and 45 minutes

28/10/09     30 hours and 30 minutes

30/10/09     38 hours

03/11/09     43 hours

04/11/09     48 hours (& loving it!)

05/11/09     54 hours

10/11/09     58 hours

11/11/09     63 hours

12/11/09     65 hours

13/11/09     70 hours

14/11/09     72 hours 30 minutes

They’re finished! Read my review here

13 thoughts on “Robyn’s Report Timer”

  1. I reckon you should keep these stats and every time some letter writes in whinging about teachers getting '10 weeks holidays and only working 6 hours a day' you can reply with this…

    (I find commenting on other people's blogs makes them more inclined to comment Nathan!)

  2. No, Amy, teachers really do have 10 weeks holidays (I think it might be 12 at my husband's school) and only work 6 hours a day.
    Teachers should work for love and not money.

  3. Don't worry. It's sarcasm. My husband is a teacher who has just embarked on a ridiculous report card writing marathon, and I was a teacher in my post mummy life, who was well and truly overworked and underpaid.

  4. Lucky you Carly! I'm sure you'll just love report writing. I can give you a little taste of it now if you'd like.

  5. Oh Robyn, I can't tell you how much I would love to write some reports for you, but sadly exams start next week, so I simply must continue studying. What a shame.. perhaps another time? ;)

  6. Carly,
    Thanks for the comments! I gave you a couple of special mentions in my review post just because you've been nice here…

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