Salt: a book

I planned to do a lot of reading this week. And I failed. We watched too much West Wing – it’s as intellectually stimulating as reading.

I did however manage to almost finish one of the cleverest books I’ve read for a long time. It’s all about salt. It’s fascinating. I will no doubt blog a lot about salt in the next two weeks as I think back through the interesting bits.

Salt is the bedrock of civilisation.

You should read this book.


Amy says:

That is a great book. His other one, about Cod, is also bizarrely fascinating. You can borrow it when you come down in January.

Janna says:

I found this book fascinating. Kurlansky’s tone is dry, but the history is nonetheless an eye-opener. A must-read for everyone.

Tim says:

It always rates in my top ten books of all time. A favourite of mine.