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I’ve given up on the daily link post. Feed readers will no doubt have noticed and appreciated this already. The multiple posting glitch was so very annoying for everybody. And it just ended up cluttering the page and obscuring the Curiosities posts I’d actually put effort into tracking down and writing up. So they’re gone. You will find my latest five shared items in the right hand column. If you want real time updates send an email to my gmail (which is n m dot(.) campbell at – without the spaces, brackets and the word dot – you’ll figure it out, but spammers won’t) and become my friend on google reader.

Anyway, in the absence of a daily post of links here’s a post full of goodness from around the blogosphere – starting with five people I know in real life, and ending with five I’ve never met but who write funny, interesting or insightful stuff that I enjoy reading…

Those I know

  1.  Izaac has finished his series on prophecy which is meaty, engaging and considerate of people with different learning styles (it has diagrams). He’s been blogging regularly for a couple of months now, and if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon now’s your chance. Do it. 
  2. Tim and Amy took on the blogging thing with gusto. And then slowed down. But they’re worth following because they’re pretty awesome.
  3. Geoff is another guy I’ve known for a long time – since we were kids taking the North Coast Christian camping scene by storm. He’s just started a blog. It looks promising thus far (he’s defined his scope pretty nicely). 
  4. Dr Joel blogs infrequently but in a rantingly engaging way – and often giving an insight into life in the Queensland Health system…  
  5.  Tim has updated his blog twice this week. That’s some sort of record.

Those I don’t

  1.  Jeff has thrown a couple of links my way – and you know that means he’s a purveyor of quality stuff…
  2. Guthers seems to be a man of great taste – beer and coffee. Awesome. He made a bit of a comeback this week after a two month break. Who knows if this return will be permanent – the fact that he writes about coffee regularly is enough for me. 
  3. Reuben went toe to toe with me as we took on one of team pyro’s angry Calvinists on the death penalty a while back.  
  4. Sam and Soph cover all the bases – coffee, Christianity, culture, journalism and they have a cracking white design. Like mine but without the clutter of columns. Rumour has it that Sam and Reuben were caught talking about this blog in a Moore College lecture the other day – I have spies everywhere people…
  5. Justin writes good stuff infrequently. He’s an Anglican minister in the heart of Sydney. He asks good questions. And provides good answers.

In the absence of my regular linkage I think I’ll turn this into a bit of a regular feature. If you’re out there, lurking, and you have a blog – let me know in the comments. I’d be particularly interested to know if you’re one of the five people I don’t know and you’re a reader.

I decided this week that I’m going to try to delurk on 10% of the blogs I read everyweek. Because I like the idea of blogs as conversations. Perhaps you’ll be next.

Also, kudos must go to Ben Bathgate for his excellent page on Mac software that’s worth checking out.


Jeff A says:

Hey Nathan…nice to be linking to you…

I have you set up in my google homepage, so do keep up with your prodigous posting.

guthers says:

Feeling the love AND the pressure.
Lurking less and commenting more is a good aim I reckon.

Amy says:

Oh the pressure! I can feel my wit crumbling already…