Shark attacks continue

More bad news at the Sharks. This time about some “creative” accounting.

“The then chief executive Tony Zappia initially told the community relations officer, Jenny Hall, the money was to offset her salary and enable her to go out into the community and attract more sponsorships that reflected well on the club. Hall vehemently objected to that suggestion. She believed the money was specifically for the Guide Dogs NSW and should immediately, and in full, be passed on to it.”

If there’s a lesson to be learned (other than “don’t do the wrong thing”) for CEOs from this situation it’s this: If you’re going to punch a staff member don’t punch a PR worker…

Or perhaps – make sure every PR related employee who knows about your dirty laundry leaves on good terms.


Amy says:

The thing about PR staff though, is that they ALWAYS know the dirty laundry.
Really, the Sharks should just hire a backhoe. Would make digging the hole for their own grave quicker.