Smells like bean spirit

You know how coffee smells incredible. It does. It’s awesome. It’s also just as good for you as drinking it. Well, almost… a guy named Han-Seok Seo, of the Seoul National University in South Korea did this study with rats. Good news people. Good news. From a wholelattelove.

“Seo and his colleagues have done studies on lab rats which were stressed by sleep deprivation. They allowed the sleep deprived Rats to sniff the aroma that coffee produces. They then compared the expression of certain genes and proteins in the rats’ brains with other sleep deprived rats who were not allowed to sniff the coffee. They found in the rats that sniffed the coffee, some of the genes expressed proteins that have healthful antioxidant properties that are known to protect nerve cells from stress related damage. The rats that were not allowed to smell the coffee aroma did not show these expressions in their genes.”

2 thoughts on “Smells like bean spirit”

  1. Does this mean we should drink less and smell more coffee, or are the benefits still available to the rats who both smelt and drank more coffee?
    Great title as well.

  2. I think it means you should smell the coffee before drinking it. There are plenty of other benefits for drinking the coffee too – like avoiding Alzheimer’s.

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