Stimulus rains on cats and dogs

Apparently “literally hundreds” of cats and dogs will be receiving stimulus money inherited from pensioners who’ve died since filing their last returns. If these pensioners bequeathed their estates to their feline or canine companions and a tax return was filed the animals get the one off payment.

Joe Hockey is jumping up and down crying fowl (because chickens don’t often get these sorts of rights)… he thinks it’s a waste of money.

But really, the stimulus is only effective if the recipients spend the money. I don’t know if cats and dogs are renowned savers, and I would have thought pet stores needed the stimulus money as much as everyone else. If they go out of business where are desparate pensioners going to get their food from?

Frankly I think the money that went to pensioners overseas was more concerning – but I don’t really see how complaining that the Government is pumping money into the economy (via our pockets) is going to score any political points at all.


Amy says:

Misuse of the word ‘literally’ again.
It was you that blogged about that, wasn’t it?

And yes, your website is working for me now.

Nathan says:

That’s why it’s in quotes. To make sure everybody knows it wasn’t me who said it.

Amy says:

Good, I’m not going mad then. Because I hunted back through all your old blog entries and couldn’t find it.

Nathan says:

I think it actually came up in the comments on a post about blacklisted words.