Teachable moments

Simone recently posted this list advising the next generation of some strategies to help them function better ┬áin the classroom and perform more adequately as a human being. I thought I’d posted a reply on her blog but it turns out I hit the wrong button. Better late than never, here is my contribution to the list.

The next 5 things that will help you function better in the classroom and perform more adequately as a human being.

6. It really doesn’t matter who the leader of the line is. Especially in grade 6.

7. Your teacher has no time to look for your lost pencil. Neither will she/he believe that it has simply wandered away. Take a piece of string and tie it to your wrist if it keeps being a problem.

8. Ninety-nine percent of people have complete control over their arms and legs. Your teacher will not believe you when you say your hand jumped off your arm and slapped a girl in the face.

9. Yes, you must finish picking up your bag of rubbish before you attend your playground wedding. Even if you are the groom.

10. Never pin boys down and kiss them. Even if it is your betrothed who was unable to attend your playground wedding because he was picking up papers.


Anika Q says:

I like this. Learning to negotiate 10 is particularly important. If people would learn this in the classroom at Grade 6 and make appropriate extrapolation from it, the world would probably be a better place.

Leah says:

At my primary school, #10 was reversed. It was the boys pinning the girls down :S

simone r says:

Can we get #6 printed up really big somewhere?

fun times!

queenstuss says:

Only seven weeks to go…

How old are these kids? I'm sure I've heard my 3-year-old come out with similar, um, problems to what they are having.

Kutz says:

Somewhat autobiographical, Nath?

Nathan says:

Robyn wrote this one. I hope this comment doesn't violate Simone's last post.