Ten famous blogs that make me laugh

Single themed blogs are so hot right now.

If you’re not aware of these already then maybe you should be…

  1. Passive Aggressive Notes
  2. There, I fixed it
  3. This is why you’re fat
  4. Failblog
  5. Surviving the World
  6. Stuff White People Like and the spin offs – Stuff Journalists Like, Stuff Christians Like, and Stuff Christian Culture Likes
  7. Fancy Fast Food
  8. Insanewiches
  9. Super Useless Super Powers
  10. Larknews.com

I’m not sure that “Just Google It” will ever make it to that list…


Andrew says:

Lark's article about the guy who prophecies in pirate is the best: http://larknews.com/march_2005/secondary.php?page