That time of year

Thankfully “that time of the year” only rears its ugly head twice. Two times too many in my opinion. This time is my least favourite because it overlaps with my birthday. Report writing. I loathe it. And I’m sure that those who live in close proximity to me also feel disdain toward this time of year.

Just for fun I’m going to keep a record of the number of hours I spend directly on report writing. Time spent setting and marking assessment which relates to the report cards will be counted. As will editing and proofreading. Setting and marking class work will not count. Interestingly or not 90% of this time is done “in my own time”. I only receive 110 minutes of non contact time per week and most of this is spent preparing lessons.  In one week I’m already up to 17 hours* and counting.

* This included six hours of time spent during our pupil free day this Monday.


queenstuss says:

I’m curious as to how much time you spend.

I know that I will pretty much only see my husband for the duration of one meal a day for the next three weeks.

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