The best bits – February 1, 2009

Here's what has excited me from the blogosphere today.

  • Gears Of War PC Hits Expiration Date
  • Proof that game companies hate customers. And further proof that Tetris on Facebook is the best gaming option out there.

  • Create Your Own Bokeh for Beautiful Photo Effects [Photography]
  • Just to clarify…br”What’s a bokeh you say? It’s that oh-so-wonderful fuzziness in the background of photographs with a shallow depth of field and accompanying starry highlights. You can create you own bokeh effects with a little craftiness. The term bokeh is an anglicized version of a Japanese word used to describe the portion of a photograph that is out of focus behind the area of principal focus in a picture. When you see a portrait that has a creamy soft background and a nice crisp focus on the person being photographed, you are seeing bokeh. The shape of the highlights—sometimes round, hexagonal or other geometric shapes—is determined by the shape of the aperture in the lens”

  • If DaVinci invented the iPhone

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