The problem with the liberals

You might be thinking, on the basis of the title, that I’m going to talk about politics. If you want to know what I think is currently wrong with the Liberal Party read here.

Today’s rant is about “liberal” Christians.

I don’t think there has been anything more harmful to evangelism than the watering down of the gospel. There are plenty of things atheists could say about what the Bible actually says that would be grounds for choosing to reject God. But nothing annoys me more in the dialogue than those weak kneed Christians who try to apologise for God’s behaviour. Especially when it comes to that archaic ban on gayness (which is a genetic trait so can’t be wrong) or those cultural ideas of marriage and family. Read any forum where gay rights are being discussed (and I’m not actually opposed to gay marriage necessarily) and you’ll see the type of people I’m talking about.

It is important to place the Bible in historical context and to understand what the text meant to the original readers. But these liberals need to go back to reading their Bibles. They’re kind of missing the point. Right from the nation of Israel to instructions for Christians the idea is that at some point God has to be counter cultural – or there’s no point? How are the people of God to be different if everything that’s natural is fair game? It just doesn’t make sense.

Liberal Christianity is less logical than atheism. Atheism functions on a type of rational and logical framework. Liberalism takes a bizarre mix of the supernatural element of Christianity and the emotional anything goes morality of Atheism and tries to blend them. It stinks.

We should expect sin to be natural. In fact, I’d go as far as to say we should have an inherent distrust for anything that seems natural to us, as humans, because human nature is sinful.

I can see where they come from, sometimes, we are called to love people. Loving the sinner but hating the sin can be pretty confusing. But to suggest that certain behaviour is ok for Christians just because it’s instinctive isn’t just a slippery slope. It’s a fireman’s pole. Straight down.

The fundamental assumption of Liberal belief – from what I can gather – is that somehow we, in the 21st century, are better qualified to understand the mind of God than those primitive disciples and their apostolic proclamations – and heaven help anyone who tries to base a worldview on the Old Testament.

Science, culture and psychology have helped us understand our sinfulness better – they do nothing to turn that which God calls sinful into something pure.

That is all.


queenstuss says:

"In fact, I’d go as far as to say we should have an inherent distrust for anything that seems natural to us, as humans, because human nature is sinful."

That's a pretty tough call. It calls up the nature/nurture debate. I know I'm not allowed to mention breastfeeding on your blog, but I'm going to because it is a great example. It is a perfectly natural behaviour, but if you have only ever seen babies bottlefed, that would seem natural to you.

I think we do have an in-built sense of morality – that God has given us – but on the other hand, you don't have to teach a child to be naughty.

Nathan says:

That's an incredibly odd interpretation of what I was saying.

I was referring more to the ongoing battle we all face between the spiritual nature and the flesh.

queenstuss says:

okay, sorry, that was a bit of a too-late-at-night example, but my point is probably more that something seeming natural or unnatural is more than innate, it has to do with how we've been brought up as well. So to say that we should not trust anything that seems natural to us is a bit simplistic.

Lestat DeLioncourt says:

Christian Liberalists are at their most dangerous when they are promoting the aforementioned “twisted doctrines” within the environs of a church community with the intent to change beliefs or taught doctrines within a church