Things I’ve Read

  • The Great Best of 2008 Roundup [Best Of 2008]
    – The best of the “best ofs” from Lifehacker.
  • How to get a boost with a 20 minute break
  • – The best thing about holidays is nap time.

  • D+Caf Detects If You#39;re Drinking Real Coffee Instead of Decaf
  • – Some people like to take all the fun out of life by drinking low fat decaf soy lattes… which to me is one way of saying “can I have some coffee flavoured water please”… here’s a pocket caffeine test for those thinking the barista might be sparking said order with some of the heavy stuff.

  • Get Free Logos At LogoInstant
  • – Rebranding can be painful. So much work goes into what is such an insignificant insignia in the long term. Nobody really pays attention to a logo – they’re more interested in the services you provide. And yet a good logo can be a vital part of your brand. Catch 22. This website offers an instant logo. Free. They do one a day. Painless rebranding.

  • Kiva
  • – “Kiva enables you to make small $25 or above loans to an individual or small group of individuals in a developing country. They use these small loans (aggregated to about $200-$400) to finance a food stall, repair shop, hair salon, sewing machine, new cash crop, etc. When they pay it back to you in about 11 months, you can then re-lend it to another person of your choice.”brbrThis is the kind of thing that harnesses the power of Web 2.0 and peer-to-peer stuff for good rather than for whatever Facebook harnesses it for…

  • 30 Excellent WordPress Video Tutorials
  • – More goodness from six revisions. I hope that link text doesn’t get broken by this rss import.

  • 15 Useful Tools for WordPress Bloggers
  • – When my holidays are over and I’m back at work looking to do something with my blog I’ll probably install a few of these plug-ins. I like plug-ins. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the “related posts” list at the bottom of each post’s page but it’s pretty clever. There are a few great links at the bottom of this article too listing Firefox plug ins and Windows software for making blogging easy. Does anyone who reads me use Twitter?