Things I’ve Read

  • BK Sacrifice
  • – If there was a nearby Burger King in London, and my Hacker was seriously in trouble he could have earned 60 free whoppers with this Facebook app that provides a free burger for every ten friends culled – and a notification that a burger meant more to the user than their friend. Nice.

  • Poladroid Digital Polaroid App Released For Windows
  • – I was one of those people who was frustrated by the mac only deal with this online polaroid generator a while back – but there’s now no reason to feel frustrated. You can give all your images a nice, clean white border, for free. Without having to use photoshop. Well, there was actually a reason I wanted that originally…

  • Tetris Wipes Out Bad Memories, Say Scientists
  • – “Apparently Tetris—which requires serious brain power on your part—blocks your brain from storing those bad memories” – no wonder Robyn and I are so happy go lucky – if you play as much Tetris as we do you’re bound to have only positive memories…

  • Go Green, Get 100GB Online Storage Space
  • How not to teach children to gamble: Some biblical advice
  • – Interesting take on gambling from a Christian perspective. I’d have to say I’m nonplussed on the debate – it seems a bit like alcohol. Moderation and self control are key…

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  1. Hey Nathan,

    remind me to tell you my story about the run in i had with your facebook hacker. It is kind of humorous in a disturbing kind of way. I’ve been trying to find other ways other than facebook to contact you but realised i didn’t have your numbers etc anymore. I almost called Pete Kutuzov to get in contact with you!


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