Tips from a guru

There’s a lot of buzz going around about church planting at the moment. You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed it.

Will Henderson is planting the first Acts 29 (Mark Driscoll’s movement) church in Australia. He’s a Pressy. He’s from Brisbane. He’s got a blog.

Until now I hadn’t thought it worth mentioning. But today he interviewed my dad.

He got the scoop with dad’s top three tips for church planters.

1. Work really, really hard at clear bible teaching. This is the foundation. As a planter you will be tempted to take shortcuts in this area, my advice is to do the opposite. Spend up to three days a week focusing on your teaching and do it really well.
2. Do everything else as well as you can. Doing this affirms your commitment to number one.
3. Love people, but be firm and apologise freely.

Here are dad’s bottom three based on my experience having assignments proof read and hearing him rant at my mistakes (especially point two).

1. Avoid run on sentences, run on sentences are two sentences in one without a full stop in between.
2. Make sure your lines are straight – nothing says “sloppy” like a poorly folded bulletin, or a sign with letters out of alignment.
3. Keep it shorter than 23 minutes. Nobody likes to be bored. Especially your wife.


simone r says:

Not sure what to say about this.

I think your dad has made great points. Like your bottom 3 too.

Nathan says:

I’ve got a few more too. Like have a corporate font, and a style guide. And a strategy document. And… I could go on, if I thought anybody was interested. It turns out they might be.

Phil says:

Here’s another one. If you’ve got a blog, make sure the alignment works for IE7 users. There are lots of us out there!

Nathan says:

People using IE7 should upgrade to IE8.

I’m not seeing any problems testing the design on IE8, and it could also be an issue with your resolution or the size of the screen.

Great advice, hey could you share some direction as how to check “if you’ve got a blog, make sure the alignment works for IE7 users…”

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