Toby’s Mac

Macs are cool. I don’t have mine yet, but already I know this.

I’m playing with Robyn’s now. And I like it. But this belief has been reinforced by a day watching the West Wing (starting from Series 1) – one of the perks of sickness.

I had never noticed this before. But Sam and Toby both write their speeches on Macs. How cool is that.

For all of those people thinking that this title was a reference to Christian music – you were wrong.


Amy says:

But if you think about it – have you ever seen any character in a movie not use a Mac in the last few years?
They are prettier, so set designers like them better…

Nathan says:

These aren’t even nice Macs though. They’re black and sturdy.

Amy says:

Uglier Macs are still prettier than pretty much any PC.