Top five rules for blogging: #3 write lists

Here are all five tips, and here’s my post on the first one, and here’s the second one.

I think this post is perhaps best expressed in list form… here’s a list I wrote some time ago about why I write lists, and another almost identical post that in turn is almost identical to this one.

And here’s why you should write them if you want your blog to keep going.

  1. Lists are quick and easy. They’re good for keeping momentum. If in doubt write a list.
  2. Lists kill writer’s block.
  3. Lists encourage discussion – nobody ever agrees with what you’ve included or the order in which you include it.
  4. Lists are linkbait – they get shared. My most amazing day of traffic ever came from a list.
  5. Lists allow you to share unfinished ideas in batches.
  6. Lists force you to structure your thoughts in a succinct manner. They’re good for the reader as well. I’ll read lists that come through my RSS feeds every time. They offer a good return on reader investment.


Andrew says:

You should write a list post about your top posts about lists.

Andrew says:

btw, your live traffic feed is way off.. I'm no where near Niedersachsen.

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[…] This is, as the heading indicates, the  number four in a series of five posts. Here are all five tips, and here’s my post on the first one, here’s the second one, and here’s the third. […]

Just stumbled across this blog from Communicate Jesus and have liked reading through some of these posts.

Definitely agree that lists are great for blogs, some of my favourite (and most visited) posts are lists.
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KIM says:

Same boat as Calum! I just stumbled from Communicate Jesus, too, and live by lists as well! Great blog :)
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Goannatree says:

Lists have brought me lots of traffic too and lots of spirited engagement! I've even written posts breaking down other people's lists! Lovely little lists, my how we love thee…
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