Yes. I spelt it twhighlight on purpose. That is because i want to highlight some issues i have with the twilight series. Firstly, I have only read book one, so these may not be as well informed as others will know. But i am not sure why a trashy teen with poor plot line and terrible character development has managed to become such a hit. And people who hint that this may be the modern day Romeo and Juliette should read Romeo and Juliette – shame on you all. Poor Shakespeare. Anyway, first of all, i take issue to a book where the only reason i have to like a guy is their stunning good looks. Secondly, this same guy is 90 something years old but likes a 17 year old girl. Thirdly, this guy only likes the girl because he cant read her mind. That is weird right? He has some power/control issues. Fourthly, this guy may not eat humans (hey I like that in a guy too), but i am not sure why it is good that he eats raw deer instead…attractive i think not. Fifth, so the teenagers fall in love. This takes about 7/8th of the book then right at the end evil vampires are added to be saved from…what odd plot development. Finally, moving to the movie now i would like to point out that Robert Pattinson is a person, not a vampire. He is actually an actor – they pretend to be other people. I cant understand why girls around the world have forgotten this concept of people acting characters, especially of the mythical variety. He cannot bite you and make you a vampire so please stop with the Bite Me Robert business, its an embarrassment to female-kind.

That is all.
I’ll keep you posted.
(my next post will be about leggings not being pants – another issue i would like to rant about).


Amy says:

The recent news story about teenage girls chasing RPattz around with bleeding necks where they had cut themselves was the pinnacle for me. Disturbing on so many levels. And yes, embarrassing.

That’s funny. I ranted about the leggings as pants issue the other day…

Leah says:


I like Twilight, but I’m no rabid fan or anything. It is embarrassing the way some girls act. But in point form…


1. I tried reading Romeo and Juliet once. And failed. It was boring.
2. Edward doesn’t like Bella simply because he can’t read her mind. That is what first intrigued him, yes. But most married couples will tell you that what first intrigued them about their spouse is not why they now love him/her.
3. Eating deer… well, he’s a vampire. So it sounds like your problem is that she’d fall in love with a vampire? (Don’t worry, I’d agree – I have that Facebook bumpersticker that says “I don’t care how romantic it is, falling in love with a vampire is STUPID”.)
4. Bella doesn’t love Edward just for his good looks… although it does play a significant part
5. The character development is actually pretty fantastic. It’s what redeems the bad storyline. I don’t know a lot of Twilight fans, but most of the ones I do LOVE the Cullen family but would be happy getting rid of the stupid love storyline.


1. There are some bizarrely stupid girls out there
2. The ‘significant part’ I alluded to in Point 4 above
3. Power/control issues… you have no idea. Read New Moon and Eclipse, it gets worse. You might have heard that in New Moon Edward is actually absent for most of it. Then he came back at the end. All these rabid Edward-fangirls on Facebook put up bumperstickers saying “My favourite part of New Moon was when Edward came back”. I have one saying “My favourite part of New Moon was when Edward came back LEFT!” (Hope the html works, I can’t remember if Nathan’s comments allow it or not.) I *might* be one of those rebellious ‘Team Jacob’ girls… >_> (coz he treats her about 50 times better than Edward does.)
4. Bad storyline… well, it’s badly written.
5. LEGGINGS. Leggings are fine under skirts/dresses but NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR PANTS.