Wave goodbuy?

I scored an invite to Google Wave thanks to Chris – though his blog is defunct and linking to it seems cursory at best.

It seems to be one of those products that will be good once it gets to a critical mass. There’s only so much fun you can have talking to your dad with both of you saying “is this working”…

Once people are using it to collaborate and share files and stuff it’ll be good.

It will just be dangerous if you accidentally type something in one wave that’s meant for another and the person you’re waving to sees it before you delete it. Typing comes up on the screen in real time. Without you needing to submit stuff.

That has the potential to be more embarrassing than reply all.

The interface is really nice and clean, and fairly straightforward. I’ve been flying blind – I haven’t watched any of the video tutorials yet – and so far it has been fairly simple to work out.

If you’ve scored a wave invite you can find my gmail address right at the bottom of the page.