What’s in a name?

Today in Brisbane it is 28 degrees. A warm winters day. This gets everyone thinking about global warming and melting icebergs and imminent world destruction.

I think instead of worrying about climate change and carbon emission schemes we could just rename winter Second-Summer. If we change peoples expectations about what type of weather patterns should be occuring at what time of year by renaming the season people will worry less about warm august days. These would be a very normal occurence in Second-Summer. It’s all about perception.

A name change is a very cost-effective technique as it would only mean a change in a few thousand advertising/marketing techniques (eg. winter warmers would need a change) and to the calendars which have ‘winter’ marked on the 1st day of june. If there’s one thing Adam Smith taught its man wants whats cheapest, and wants lots of it. Clearly this option is more economically viable than trying to get everyone to reduce their use of harmful chemicals and pollutants that are seemingly destroying earth as we know it.

Also on the topic of climate change, im not a full skeptic, but i do wonder…i was taught that if an ice cube melts in a cup of water the water level stays the same (the ice cube weighs the same as liquid). So, if the icebergs are melting, wont the water level stay the same…i dont understand rising sea-levels. But, i have not researched this at all and i am sure people smarter than me have.

Anyway, i’ll keep you posted.