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Simone often says the link is the ultimate blog love language. And I like her blog. I especially like commenting specifically when she’s tried to be vague about a situation I’m familiar with.  This particular post questions why people blog. I put my answer there. 

It went something like this:

“I blog for a few reasons – to track and log my thoughts, because I think the internet is full of crazy things that need documenting, and because I want space for my rants. 

Oh, and sometimes it’s because I think I actually have something useful to say – often that’s either about PR or coffee. 

My blog has an incredibly broad scope though – sometimes I think I should narrow it and have different blogs for different topics.”

So commenters – why do you blog? And if you don’t why don’t you? Do you think my scope isn’t clearly defined enough? I do have 16 categories.

2 thoughts on “Why blog”

  1. One blog’s enough. You don’t need a scope. I mean sure, if that’s what some people want- eg. a fashion blog, a theology blog, whatever- that’s fine. But for people who just want a personal blog I think it’s perfectly fine for it to have a broad scope… it’s an accurate reflection of life.

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