Wipeout – it’s no knockout

Novelty Australian game shows probably hit their peak with It’s a Knockout.

If not then maybe the original Australian Gladiators. 

They hit new, unimaginable, lows with the Australian version of Wipeout. Watching stupid Americans hurt themselves was pretty compelling. Watching Australian trailer trash stand up and say “I’m representing all the female bus drivers in Australia while carrying my son’s first tooth” is less compelling. 

Also painful was seeing the personal trainer who was “the fat kid at school” yell some stupid catch phrase, and the horribly unattractive 38 year old single IT consultant in rainbow socks pitch herself to prospective suitors was just nasty. Ouch. Watching her crawl through mud saying “this isn’t what I had planned. This isn’t how it was supposed to turn out” made me wonder just what she was expecting.

I guess the pierced forehead was meant to be a turn on too?

7.51pm – Where did they get these people from? Angus Tandy “the Human Cannonball” seemed like the most normal one of the bunch. And he was wearing a white jump suit with racing stripes.


queenstuss says:

I LOVED It’s a Knockout. But I was about 6 at the time.
I think Wipeout is aimed at 6-year-olds, or those with the mentality of a six-year-old.

Nathan says:

I agree, and yet I watched it. To the end. And laughed. But at people, not with them.