Wordle 2.0

The previously mentioned Wordle has got some great new functionality. Like adding an RSS feed for immediate analysis. Saves copying and pasting every post of your blog like I did last time. Although my feed is limited to just the last ten posts or something.

Here it is:
Wordle: Nathan's Blog - February
This story here about speeches from Springboard and Blight are an interesting example of the tag cloud as an assessment of being “on message”.

Speaking of which – here’s a wordle of my sermon from Sunday. Which did, as Simone and dad both pointed out, go for a bit too long. 30 minutes. I cut a bit out though. That’s the longest I’ve ever preached and I’m sorry for boring people and going past the 22 minute attention span of the average television watcher.


And here’s the passage itself.


queenstuss says:

Or 5.6 minutes if you share a pew with a toddler. I did hear some of your sermon. It wasn’t one of your best, but it wasn’t too bad either.

Nathan says:

It hasn’t got that many to compete with though… Maybe 22 minutes is too long and preachers should just preach until the first baby starts crying. Go for the lowest common attention span denominator.