Your gonna luv this. Its gr8.

Grammar Nazis please read on!

There are many rewarding aspects of the teaching profession. Each day presents opportunities to make real and lasting impressions in the lives and minds of young people. Today, however, I felt as though I served tomorrow’s society particularly well. The self confessed Grammar Nazi’s who are avid or even occasional readers of this blog will be thankful for the series of lessons I’m teaching my children. Today we learnt that there is absolutely no excuse to confuse your & you’re and its & it’s. If I see these words spelt incorrectly in their work I’m going to be very, very grumpy.

Subsequent lessons shall include:

1. Gonna, shoulda, wanna & cause are not real words. I decided upon this topic after a lengthy, heated and honest discussion with one of my brightest students as he expressed his disbelief that “gonna” was not a word. He didn’t even know what “gonna” represented. Grrr.

2. Spelling words incorrectly is not cool. Luv, frooty and anything else which comes up in local advertising campaigns will be in the firing line.

3. Using numbers to substitute letters in everyday writing is stupid. I concede there may be a very small sliver of the market in which this language is appropriate. However, this is not the case for the majority of literate society.

If you have any other lesson ideas you think I should address as a priority, please feel free to mention them below.

6 thoughts on “Your gonna luv this. Its gr8.”

  1. The missin G! I’m trying to teach my 6 year old not to drop his g’s, and he is returning the favour.

  2. …not putting apostrophes into plurals? (“Grammar Nazi’s”) hehe ;) I wouldn’t have bothered mentioning it except for the fact the post was about teaching grammar :D

  3. And I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been writing a post for grammar Nazis. I also used the exclamation mark just to annoy Nathan.

  4. Perhaps not for your kids, but there are two words: regardless, and irrespective.

    Irregardless is not a word.

  5. HIgh priority on the use of apostrophes use for sure!

    My work (a public education facility) published a flyer the other day with the following:
    “Sunshine’s Coast’s feature event”.
    I was utterly horrified.

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