22 shots that will always work

So apparently Wally Wood was a comic book illustrator. He coined 22 frames that will always work in comic drawing that are equally applicable for photography or shooting some form of video. And I like them. So here they are. Click the picture to make it bigger, and go here for some explanation.

4 thoughts on “22 shots that will always work”

  1. Wally Wood was a master comic book illustrator whose troubled life meant that often he used short cuts to produce his work, much of his later career spent doing the finishing inkwork of the penciled artwork of other artists. (which also necessitated the revolving panel of assistants who worked with him and for him)
    Anything he drew is worth looking at. Science-fiction, horror, super-heroes, women. Even his ordinary stuff looks good.
    hard to believe he’s been gone nearly 30 years.

    1. Nathan Campbell

      I’ve got to admit that this post was pretty much designed to receive these two comments.

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