I did it. Hooray. Seven posts ago now. Sorry. I was so busy procrastinblogging that I missed the milestone. From the early days (launched some four years and six months ago) on blogger as nathanintownsville to this wordpress.org powered “St. Eutychus” multi-polar iteration spamming RSS readers all over the world with whatever I find, this blog has been a blast.

How does one mark such an occasion? I could do a K-Rudd and let you all know that I’m “proud of the fact…” I could do a “best of release”… I could urge you to search the archives instead (maybe start with the tagcloud at the bottom of the page). I could launch a week of festivities. I could hold a Roman triumph, walking the streets while tossing handfuls of coins bearing my image, and the blog’s logo. And of course, I could offer a series of thank-yous to those who have undertaken the journey with me, I’d like to thank God, my wife, and you, humble readers… but that would be cliched. I could ask you to pause, and reflect with me, what it actually means that I’ve written 4,000 posts. That’s bigger than a novel. If you printed out my blog it would use hundreds of pages, it’d probably kill a tree. Wow.

If each took post took an average of 5 minutes to write (ignoring research and commenting and the like) that works out at 333 hours of my life, or almost 14 full days.

Or I could just post something to mark the milestone, and get back on with the job of reading the Internet so you don’t have to.


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