A love match

An author, and former professional drummer, Nic Brown, took on his friend, and former (low ranking) tennis pro Tripp Phillips, the rules – if Brown won a single point he was to be declared the winner.

It’s a question I guess we’ve all asked – though, having been to the gym with dual international footballer Brad Thorn, it’s not a question I ask myself very often.

But like any sports fan, I’ve wondered: How would I stack up? I mean, I know I’m not going to win. But I’m not bad. When I play my friends, I almost always win. I hit the ball cleanly, serve consistently. I’m not embarrassing. I play smart.

The conclusion might seem foregone (but read the piece anyway) but here’s the gap in ability…

“No matter what,” he says, “I was going to have you off balance. And no matter what you did, I was going to be perfectly balanced. I knew where you were going to hit it before you hit it. It’s the difference between me and you. But if I played Roger Federer right now, he’d do the exact same thing to me.”