A new category is born

I suspect I’ll blog a fair bit about college this year. Given that it’s what I’ll predominantly be thinking about. So it seems fitting to have a College category.

For the record – I’m enrolled in a Masters of Divinity at the Queensland Theological College. Which is based at Emmanuel College at the University of Queensland.

I’m a Presbyterian Candidate which means I also have to study a bunch of subjects like church polity and the Westminster Confession.

Fun times.


peter y says:

and do you like haggis?

Nathan Campbell says:

I think that’s a prerequisite for Presbyterian candidacy – but I may have fudged the question by pointing out that my middle name is Macleay, my last name is Campbell and I grew up in the most Scottish little town in Australia. Plus I wore a kilt to my school formal. I am to the Scottish race what Paul was to the Jews.

AndrewFinden says:

nah.. my mate is the true scotsman: http://nickyspence.com/

Goannatree says:

i like your definition of scottishness! I think you are possibly more "scottish" than some of the scots i have met in scotland – except for the accent….I've met a couple of Scots of indian descent – still a little weird hearing a scottish brogue come out of the mouth of someone dressed in linens and looking decidedly like they are from the sub-contnent!
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