A new dawn

College starts today. Robyn and I decided to set a precedent and be on time. Early even. So we left home at 7am. I didn’t even know there was a 7am. Let alone a 6am.

Needless to say we got to college fairly early. Earlier than anybody else – staff included.

There are 84 students at QTC this year apparently – and more than half of those are first years. And we’re keener than all of them (judging by arrival time alone).

Simone, in a little piece of offline wisdom, told us that the first few days of college are going to be all about establishing a pecking order (at least in our minds). I think it’ll be a bit like first year uni except without the low cut clothing and unrealistic expectations of finding true love in the lecture theatre.

I think pecking order should be established chronologically. So we’re first.


AndrewFinden says:

unrealistic expectations of finding true love in the lecture theatre

You obviously didn't study the right subject at 'regular' university!

@cafedave says:

I suspect it comes down to who is acing the essays and exams, but punctuality is a good start! Enjoy.

Nathan says:

Ahh – but we don't compete so nobody knows each other's grades.

Tim Canavan says:

:) lol Nathan doesn't compete :D hehehehhehehe
what is your schedule looking like there
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simone r says:

Fantastic start. Now you need to spread it around that you arrive early so you and your hot wife can pray for everyone else at college.

Leah says:

I would have thought bible college students would be more likely to think they'd find 'true love' in the lecture theatre as opposed to regular university students :P

Goannatree says:

Can we have a photo of the first day of school outfits…you did take a photo right? or were you in too much of a hurry to be …cough…on time… :P

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Tim Canavan says:

Nathan we'd love a things I wish they'd told me before signing up for 4 years post monthly. Also maybe a what I wish I had done before going to bible college
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