Anti-product placement

I’m surprised this took so long, when I think about it… The New Yorker is reporting that certain brands are buying the products of their competitors and sending them, as freebies, to celebrities of questionable brand value hoping that they’ll stop using their own products, and start using their competitors.

The story focuses on a celeb named Snooki, I take it she’s the US equivalent of Matthew Newton.

“Allegedly, the anxious folks at these various luxury houses are all aggressively gifting our gal Snookums with free bags. No surprise, right? But here’s the shocker: They are not sending her their own bags. They are sending her each other’s bags! Competitors’ bags!

Call it what you will — “preemptive product placement”? “unbranding”? — either way, it’s brilliant, and it makes total sense. As much as one might adore Miss Snickerdoodle, her ability to inspire dress-alikes among her fans is questionable. The bottom line? Nobody in fashion wants to co-brand with Snooki.”


Bree says:

Noooo snooki isn’t the equivelent of Matthew Newton – she’s the New Jersey version of Paris Hilton – little less peroxide, little less class.

Nathan I cannot believe that you are not watching Jersey Shore online – what are you doing with your life hon?

Nathan Campbell says:

Hey Bree,

Glad you’ve got my back.

Can you send Matthew Newton a Cairns shirt please.