Augustine: Would have been a Blogger

I’ve been plowing through Augustine’s “On Christian Teaching” for an essay. While some of his stuff is just loopy – eg an explanation of the recurrence of the number forty in the Bible that crops up at one point – a lot of it is just plain awesome. You can check out some of the quotes on the “whatnathanreads” Twitter account, and if you’re too lazy to do that, I’m going to do a series of posts from Augustine’s point of view. Stay tuned.

He writes pithy, controversial, polemics that would have been ideal for blogs – and most of his chapters seem to be of an almost perfectly acceptable blog length. He was prolific. He would have been right at home behind a computer publishing his opinions to the world in the 21st century.


Andrew says:

I am looking forward to it. I remember I ploughed through his confessions a few years ago and really enjoyed the whole experience, although there were some tough patches.