Avatar = plot avarice

Turns out that not only did James Cameron rip off Fern Gully, but Pocahontas as well. Perhaps there are only six unique plots in the world after all…

At the core of each of these stories is a greedy person trying to rip off the naive and innocent.

Here’s a reworking of a Pocahontas synopsis or script or something for the purpose of making the point.

Via boingboing.

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3 thoughts on “Avatar = plot avarice”

  1. Are you surprised to see this same plot re-hashed?

    I haven't seen Avatar, and probably won't, because I've seen enough other films like it to know that The Great Dominant Power is awesome and needs to displace the people in the way of the Resources, and fortunately there is a beautiful young lady there to help pave the way.

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