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Blackboard was the best thing about Mr Squiggle. His “upside down” catchphrase was the backdrop to my childhood. At least once a week. And while I’m on the subject of Children’s television in my childhood – does anybody else remember that show called “Teabag” or something – the one where people were looking for spoons and pearls or something? Anyway. I’ll probably google it.

This photographer has put together a gallery of upside down portraits of people. I assume he hung them by their toes or something… whatever he did… it came out pretty awesome.


Cafedave says:

I think there were several seasons of that show. T-bag had an offsider named t-shirt who she was always mean to, to the extent that he would switch sides by the end of the season.

Stuart Heath says:

Looks like "Guess Who: Inmate Edition".

And yes, I remember that show. 'Wonders in Letterland'. Didn't exactly work: Blighty's still behind much of Europe in basic literacy, I think.

queen stuss says:

oh, yes, I loved that show when I was a kid!

Goannatree says:

I say "upside down…upside down" and "Hurry up" in that great blackboard voice all the time. In fact, it is one of the things that makes it clear to me that i am not around people who had the joy of growing up with mr squiggle…because for the last 3 years no one gets in when i say either of those too things…a little part of me dies each time i catch a glimpse of their balnk looks. :P
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