Brisbane Coffee Review: Cup, West End

Looking for the best coffee in Brisbane? Look no further than Cup, in Russell Street West End. It’s a grungy little warehouse/garage in a side street in West End. A hipster’s paradise (and there were plenty of them around). And the coffee is amazing. So good.

They boast an incredible machine. A Slayer. Which I’ve been excited about in the past (more than once). The Slayer was the first machine to allow changing of pressure during the pouring of a shot.

I discovered Cup a couple of months ago. And was suitably impressed. And Robyn and I checked it out yesterday after I dropped my machine in for a service (which means I’ll be checking out cafes for the next few days).

Cup’s house blend is a rich, sweet and earthy delight. It is so thick and goopy. Viciously viscous. As an espresso it goes straight to the back of your mouth and then explodes. It really is that good.

In milk it’s equally sensational. I had a flat white, Robyn a piccolo latte.

This is their current blend. Featuring a couple of beans I regularly roast and sell.

40% BRAZIL Daterra.
Nice balanced sweetness and body. This is the yellow bourbon varietal from a solid reliable farm.

40% GUATEMALA El Injerto.
This is a mixed Cattura and Bourbon coffee from the award winning El Injerto farm. It is very clean and sweet with a nice lime acidity. Always cups up great.

20% ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe.
A new Yirgacheffe thats just arrived adds just a little acid to tie the others together.

Here are our coffees. iPhone style.

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