Burgers and their ads: photographed (like you needed proof)

You knew it, and I knew it. We’ve known it for years. Burgers from fast food places don’t look like their ads, in fact the same could be said for all fast food from all fast food places, and in fact, for all food, from all food places… but in order to document what we already knew this guy took photos of the burgers side by side with the photos used in the ads.

The real pay off was that the guy responsible figured out that the ad burgers couldn’t even fit in their real boxes.

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One thought on “Burgers and their ads: photographed (like you needed proof)”

  1. A mate of mine once got a cheeseburger that looked pretty average, so he took it back and told them it didn’t look like the picture, and they replaced it for him with one that did!

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