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Are you in my blogroll (it’s down the bottom of the page). If you’re not, you should be. And now’s your chance. If you are, then this post is for you too.

I’d like to be more Web 2.0 (which means more “social”) with this little corner of the web. And I’d like to include a little one or two sentence bio/description of your site in my list of links. But I’d like you to write them for me and leave them in the comments on this post.

I’ll also do nice things for you if you’re in it – like posting links to you from time to time and visiting your site. I’ll even comment there.

Apparently (in an article I read today) the one sentence bio (or 140 character bio) was the foundation on which such Web 2.0 luminaries like Facebook and Twitter were built on. So it is an exercise in webness for all of you.

As an incentive – if you don’t participate I’ll probably relegate you to some impossible to find corner of the site (I won’t remove you, because if you’re there already I like what you have to contribute).

8 thoughts on “Calling all blogs”

  1. i have a blog! i happen to think it’s super cool, but i might be a wee bit biased.

    it’s and it’s all about the differences between americans and australians. recent topics have ranged from circumcision to cremation, but who knows what’ll come next!

  2. I’m a clergy wife, a quilter, a grandma, a reader, a traveller. My blog posts share the snippets and scraps of my busy life.

  3. I am not on your blogroll, and I should be (apparently).

    RodeoClown, known as ‘Captain Awesome’ to his children, is a Christian, nerd, software developer, parent and all around awesome guy. He loves meeting people from the internet, and would choose flight over invisibility if given the choice.

  4. Transforming Egg

    Me: A follower of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a (wannabe) tech enthusiast and a teacher. This blog slowly tracks the transformation of an Egg(ins) over time. Romans 12:2

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