Confessions #5: Sometimes I post here rather than commenting elsewhere

I think blogging time, in my schedule, is a fungible thing. That’s a cool word I just learned. Basically, I have an allocated amount of time for “blogging” and I have to spread that time between writing, reading and commenting.

So sometimes I write lots of posts here and neglect the “community” aspect of blogging. Times like yesterday. Yesterday my blogging comrade and e-friend Ben mentioned a really significant moment. A momentous moment. He sold his house. Without having to go to auction. Which he had expressed concern about. What a relief that must have been for him, and his family. But here’s little old me. Blogging about pointless stuff like Jesus themed thongs. So caught up in my own world that I didn’t comment on his post. Nor did I take the obligatory Monday Quiz.

And now, a day afterwards, I feel guilty because I’ve missed the commenting boat. Other people, who have commented, clearly love Ben more. The only way I can possibly rectify the situation is by trumping a comment with a link. That’s how blog love works. The blug1 beats the comment. It’s like a game of scissors rock paper. The Blug beats the comment. The comment beats the read. And the read must therefore beat the blug – because there’s no point blugging if people aren’t reading.

1A portmanteau2 of blog and plug.
2The strategic mashing together of two words to form one concept. Like Venn diagramming words.


Ben McLaughlin says:

Brother, brother, brother.


You don’t need to feel bad about this. I just looked up the Guide To Blogging Ettiquette and Blog Love, Chapter 7, where it states that posts do not reach their use by until 72 hours, after which the love becomes null and void.

You are in the clear. By the way, I often do the same thing.

I find a good way to avoid repentance and public guilt though, is to write a short post saying ‘Have just had the worst two days of my life. Got stuck in freak flood while fleeing house fire, at which point I was taken hostage. This is why I haven’t been able to comment. Am back now, and full of blove’.

(3. Blove is a portthingamebob of blog love)

Jon says:

Ben’s subtle and strangely effective campaign to promote his blog has not gone un-noticed.

Ben McLaughlin says:

Mwah ha ha HAAA!