Dynamic fonts are clever

I have seen the future of typography and its name is Liza Pro.

I’m sure there are other fonts that do this out there, but Liza has a character database of 4,000 letters – it will, in the right design software, change which version of a letter it uses based entirely on context.

“Liza Display Pro rocks the script lettering to the max. The build-in Out-of-ink feature, LetterSwapper and Protoshaper makes this font a realtime-digital-calligrapher. She’ll swash up your text drastically, giving long strokes, loops and swashes to letters if their context allows”

Clever. But expensive.


Leah says:

I appreciate the concept but don't think it's done quite right. For example, most people would use the same 'f' in a double 'f' scenario like "different". The 'f' would only change if it came at the beginning of the word or was disconnected from the previous letter (eg. if it came straight after an 's').

Amy says:

I'm so buying this. But I'm guessing it would be pretty wasted on anyone without InDesign – ie it wouldn't work.