Readers, I always knew this day would come. I just wasn’t sure it would come this soon. After some 3,200 posts and four years of baring my soul online – I’ve run out of interesting things to say. I’ve said it all. Sure, I could blog about bacon every day. But that would not be fulfilling.

I’m riding off in to the sunset – to blog here no more. I’ll still respond to comments, and I’ll keep the domain open – but I’ve achieved everything I wanted to achieve out of blogging. I got me a wife, I got me an audience, and I found my voice. Johnny Cash would be proud.

And besides, I peaked with this post – I can’t possibly improve on it.

Thanks for the memories.

12 thoughts on “Farewell”

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  2. My thought process on reading this post:
    1. “What! You must be kidding.”
    2. Combinations of “it’s too much to hope for” and “I’m gutted”
    3. “Hang on. As if Nathan would ever run out of things to say.”
    4. [read tag line]
    5. Relief.

    Nice post Nathan.

  3. My response ran thus:

    1. Relief
    2. [read tag line]
    3. " Hang on. As if Nathan would ever run out of things to say!"
    4. Combinations of "it's too much to hope for" and "I'm gutted"
    5. "What! You must be kidding."

    1. Hi Scott,
      When I do actually finish it'll be with a bang, not a whimper.

      It's after 12pm so I can let everybody know that this was an April Fools joke. I have heaps more to say, especially about not being able to keep writing about bacon…

  4. And people say that there is no God.. Ha

    Praise the Lord…

    Only joking Nathan thanks for challenging us on areas of our belief providing fun stories and clogging up our RSS and Buzz

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