Fighting the war on Christmas

While I may think that some of the stuff these guys are saying is true – I may even agree with some of their thinking – I don’t think the way to fight the “War on Christmas”TM or put the “Christ back into Christmas” is to take an inflatable Santa to a firing range in order to pump him full of lead.


4 thoughts on “Fighting the war on Christmas”

  1. How many cliched Southern Christian stereotypes can they confirm in one video?

    Mind you, this is coming from someone who once blew up a gnome dressed as Santa for a children’s talk video ;)

  2. Oh dear.

    I thought the point where he asked if Santa had anything to say and then commented “of course you don’t, you don’t exist” and then proceeded to execute the guilty non-existent reminded me evangelical Atheists like Dawkins, actually.

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