Finding new friends

According to a comment on Izaac’s blog – if I blog about how Guy Sebastian is a genre crossing fashion tragic I’ll get some new commenters who have google alerts set up to monitor mentions of Guy Sebastian. I’ve never sat near Guy Sebastian – but I don’t like his v-necked jumpers. I hope I’ve spelled his name properly.

Izaac, by the way, recently celebrated 200 posts. If you’re not already reading him you should.


Soulfan says:

It did come through google alerts Nathan. Works every time. Google alerts are very efficient. No effect required on my part at all. Here is the comment you were hankering for. Now back to more pressing stuff.

AndrewFinden says:

I have a google alert on my name, ( which isn't Guy Sebastian… hello, anyone? ) but I've never been directed here, though my name seems to have turned up on some weird opera related spam page that I keep getting notified about.