Fish Punching

Having just watched Bear Grylls behead a skunk (after smothering it in his jacket), bash a snake to death with a plank of wood, confront killer bees to steal their honey and finally drink his own urine while incredibly close to the end of the episode (surely he could’ve made it), I’ve been looking for a new television high. Can it get any better?

The answer is yes. It can.

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I’m not sure I’ve said this before – but the explorer/travel writer character in Black Books in the episode with the cat – has to be based on Bear right? Did you know he was the youngest person to climb Everest? I didn’t.


Amy says:

I'm not going to watch this now. I still am getting over last night.
Urine in rotting snake flesh? NASTY.

Going to have to rewatch that Black Books ep too.