Five things I’m looking forward to about Brisbane

I’ve only got four days of work left. And we’ve only got 10 days left in Townsville. Which is sad – and worthy of much reflection.

But there are some things I’m really looking forward to about life in Brisbane (even though we’ll be living in Student poverty). You should assume that most of these include the addendum “with my hot wife“…

  1. Studying the Bible (and other stuff) with other people at QTC.

  2. Working with Andrew, Simone, Pete and Mel at Clayfield Presbyterian.

  3. Living in Grovely close to my three sisters*, parents and grandma, and next door to the Lyndons.

  4. Playing (outdoor) football with (rather than against) Pete.

  5. Exploring the Brisbane coffee scene and trying out my new roaster (which I still haven’t used because we’ve got so much coffee left over from Stable on the Strand.

* For those who don’t know yet – little sister number 1 just got a job as a dentist in Brisbane (today) having been in Toowoomba. I don’t think she reads my blog – but congrats anyway little sister number 1. It’ll be fun having the whole family together.


simone r says:

Well done sister #1! If she's looking for a church to go to…

Bring on February!

I also am looking forward to having you in Brisbane for reasons #1, 2 and 4. Hurt my groin at futsal last night though. How annoying is it when there's so much sand on the pitch that you slide more than walk?

Amy says:

I'm disappointed that you didn't include blowing things up with Tim in that list. Or turning him into a total coffee snob…

Nathan says:

#6. Teaching Tim the joys of home roasting.

I do have my old roasting set up available if Tim would like it. It involves the transfer of heat.

That is actually pretty high on the list.

mad says:

"for those of you who dont know"…her boss included!!!

Nathan says:

That could be why I don't name my sisters, so that they don't show up on google.