From Russia, with “blood”

Russians like weird vodka – like this “Kabbalah” Vodka containing the blood of “Christian infants”

From beverage maker EZ Protocols is the newest, and weirdest, entry into the premium Russian vodka market. Given the explosion of capitalism and the influx of money into the former Soviet empire, there has been a huge rise in this market as neuveaux riche wish to show off how riche they are. Hence, Kabbalah Vodka with Christian Infants, the premium wheat vodka enfused with silver, gold, platinum ions that features a glass model of a baby inside. This plays off the old wives tale circulated in Europe that Jewish religious rites required the blood of Christian babies.


Krys says:

I had to laugh at Vodka with the Christian Blood as it reminds me of a story my mother used to tell us around Easter time. As a little girl growing up in Poland before WWII it was her chore to go to the butcher for the daily meat supplies, living in jewish community the butcher of course was jewish (kosher). As you know Passover occurs around the time of Easter and every now and then it occurs on Holy Saturday. These were the times that Catholic children were reluctant to go to the butcher because the story went the Jews needed the blood of children to use to put above their doors. Becuase the meat was kosher there was always a vat of blood around, which the Catholic children were convinced was from some poor child that had been murdered.