Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to court we go

The saga of our unreturning bond continued today (as part of the larger epic tale of woe that results from dealing with Townsville’s worst real estate agent – J0hn Gribb1n realty). I will update this post with the correct spelling once our case is over.

Not only did we suffer through two years living on site with the landlord from Hell – he wants us to pay for every paint chip, cracked tile and wall mark in the house (otherwise known as wear and tear). Better yet, he wants us to pay him $370 to conduct the repairs. Does anybody else see a conflict of interest here? We asked the real estate agency if we could have quotes from other tradespeople in Townsville and were told that it was too late – that the work had already been completed while the mail was in transit. Dodgy city.

Now we are going to the Small Claims Tribunal – now known as QCAT where I get to put everything I have learned from years watching legal television (and from a little bit of a Law Degree) into good use. Legal representation is not allowed – but I will get our friendly neighbourhood lawyer to have a bit of input into my preparation.

In conclusion – do not live at unit 1, 11 Diprose Street. The landlord not a very nice man who takes great delight in yelling at his tenants for no logical reason, and do not rent with J0hn Gribb1n – who advise their landlords that a 25% reduction in costs of a piece of broken kitchen equipment (that can’t be logically demonstrated to be broken because of the reckless, negligent or malicious actions of the tenant) constitutes negotiation.

6 thoughts on “Hi, ho, hi, ho, it’s off to court we go”

  1. I think these people work on the assumption that people won't challenge them or want to risk costs. So good on you.

    And remember the term 'reasonable wear and tear' and 'right to peaceful enjoyment of the property without interference'. Ie. read the RTA act, well worth it.

  2. This is what the internet is for.

    Who needs ultimate fighting when the small claims tribunal exists?

    You've communicated your sense of frustration very clearly.

    These are the last sort of things you need to deal with when you're making a significant transition.

    I hope your claim has been settled to your satisfaction.

    Hopefully these negotiating skills will never need to be called on if you start living in church owned housing.

    (Of which my own experiences have only been overwhelmingly positive.)

    Gary Ware.

  3. To clear things up – I haven't (except in the tags of the post) named the estate agent yet. We will be at the Small Claims Tribunal (now QCAT) at some stage in the next two months.

  4. I know your frustration Nathan when you feel you are being wronged and there's no-one to defend you. I am currently in the process of applying for 2 weeks leave to see ageing relatives in Zimbabwe (whom I've never met) – I went through all the right channels , bent over backwards to try remediate the leave, etc etc and the med school flatly refused to listen, or engage in any sort of dialogue. The message I got was, 'you're a med student, not yet even a peon, and we own your soul'. Which is incredibly frustrating. So I have applied to the board of studies and as yet haven't got any reply.

    Really hope this all goes well for you guys. You've already had a massive few months, with the move and adjusting, it's certainly something you don't need right now.Tenants (and med students!) barely have any rights – it's about time someone stood up to these jerks.

    That is all.

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