How to name your megachurch

If you’ve been putting together your business planministry strategyvision statement… prayer letter in preparation for planting your megachurch, but you’re still stuck on finding a catchy name… then here’s a list of 129 to choose from. Coupled with this guide to picking a ministry job title, and this list of ten tips for planting a megachurch you should have no troubles getting from 0 to 10,000 in six weeks.

The list of titles comes from Mount Gambier Presbyterian Church’s Gary Ware – who needs a punchier name for his church… I think “Mustard Seed Presbyterian” – because they have the faith to move a mountain.

3 thoughts on “How to name your megachurch”

  1. Well, it's difficult: if you're planting a church, you have to name it something. And if you're not tied to a suburb or a denomination, you're gonna end up with some cheesy-megachurch-wannabe-sounding name.


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