How to study/work in the same house as your spouse

One of the things I’m a bit trepidatious about this year is the prospect of studying the same subjects as my wife in the same study. She’s already three chapters ahead of me in Hebrew. Here’s a handy guide to working in the same house that should readily apply to studying together.

My favourite tip:

“No Crackberries in bed! Having your work sprawled all over your home is bad enough, but taking the business phone everywhere you go in the house is ever worse. Carving little areas in your home where it should stay technology-free is a good way to calm your mind from the constant stream of work-related issues. Ultimately, you need to call it. What’s more important to you – that pending e-mail or your loved ones?”

It’s true for iPhones too.

Do any of you readers have great tips for symbiotic cohabitation? Share them in the comments.


Amy says:

Your own study. This is the only thing that has stopped Tim and I killing each other. Having to give up one of our studies is one of the main reason we won't have kids (mostly kidding).

queen stuss says:

When we worked together we Did Not Talk About Work At Home. We didn't discuss students, or timetables, or staff meetings, or anything else directly work related.
Study at the same time, in different rooms. I find it very frustrating when I'm trying to get some work done, and my husband is sitting at the other end of the table reading out facebook statuses to me, followed by the comments I made on said status. Don't do that.