How to turn coffee cherries into coffee beans: Step 2

To continue where we left off

I soaked the beans in water for about 48 hours – changing the water a few times, discarding about 30 floating (second rate or dead) beans.

Getting them dry presented a bit of a problem. I tried putting them outside on a couple of trays in the sun – but only the top dried.

They were still a little slimy, and the guide I read said they should be coarse. So I put them back in cold water and rinsed them a few more times before bundling them up in paper towel.

Like a coffee bean sausage.

This happened last night – so the sun wasn’t out. I improvised using a heat lamp we have for our turtles.

Which worked. I have dry coffee beans.

Dry coffee beans which weigh almost half what they weighed soaking wet…

I’m anticipating about 400gm of roasted coffee from 2kg of fruit and about 5 hours of work. Ouch.