How to type in Greek and Hebrew on a Mac

Macs make typing in foreign languages ridiculously easy. But if you haven’t figured it out yet here are some handy links.

How to set your language to Greek and use special characters.

How to type in Hebrew (I haven’t figured out how to get the vowels under the letters yet) (and a second helpful look at the keyboard layout).


Two steps (it's the same kind of thing for Windows. With Linux the support is built in.)

1.) Download and install the Tyndale House font kit (
2.) Type in Greek/Hebrew.

The difficult part is testing out a bunch of unicode fonts (Cardo, the fonts from SIL and SBL) until you find the one('s) you like.
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peter y says:

cheers nathan – that's useful.

can you tell me what the 'learn Greek' textbook is for QTC?
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Nathan Campbell says:

Learn to read New Testament Greek by David Alan Black.